sun setting on the oil industry

Climate Uncensored provides robust, unflinching commentary and assessment of the scale of the climate challenge and our responses to it.

“Up to now, the damage inflicted on our planet has been done largely inadvertently. We now know what we are doing. We have lost our innocence. It would be more than irresponsible to continue down this path.”

Maurice F. Strong
Rio Earth Summit

But that is exactly what we have done.

Emissions of carbon dioxide are now over 60% higher than at the time of the first Earth Summit in 1992 – and still they are rising!

We can no longer hide our callous disregard for our children’s future, our sacrifice of climate-vulnerable communities or our destabilising of nature behind a veil of “innocence”.

It is simply “irresponsible” for governments of rich, industrialised nations to expand oil and gas extraction. Similarly, it’s irresponsible for ‘experts’ to dodge difficult political questions by relying on heroic technological solutions.

Climate Uncensored starts from this deeply uncomfortable but honest recognition of the situation.

We acknowledge the inspiring and often courageous work of the climate science community. But when it comes to cutting emissions, there is a widespread failure to accept the true scale and urgency of the challenge. Such ‘mitigation-denial’ is rife, even within the expert community.

Climate Uncensored focuses on cutting emissions, taking our lead from the Paris commitment to hold the global temperature rise to ‘well below 2°C and pursuing efforts to limit the increase to 1.5°C’. We are guided by the IPCC’s carbon budgets and always strive to remain cognisant of issues of equity and fairness.

On this website and (soon) accompanying YouTube channel and podcast, we provide a balanced and uncensored assessment of where we are now, how we are doing and what more needs to be done. We do not underplay the scale of the mitigation challenge nor become merchants of doom.

We know that one more small and independent web presence will not change the world. But by providing accessible, robust and engaging material, we aim to equip and empower people to tackle the mitigation challenge head on.